Top 5 Rooftop Bars in New York

If you are searching for some of the best bars in NY, then there no better way to start off than on a roof. At these condescending bars, often, you will experience some elevated prices and throngs of birthday parties. However, the experience you will get while at this places is unparalleled. In this guide, therefore. We discuss some of the top 5 best rooftop bars that you should not miss when you visit New York City.

  1. Westlight

Located in the Williamsburg, Brooklyn Westlight is a 22 storey high rooftop bar that provides your eye with an eye-catching view of the Manhattan. Are you visiting NY is summer months? This bar provides you with the perfect opportunity to relish the breathtaking sights and the rich sunset. Besides, this stylish bar has fabulous decor and an inside area, which is perfect for individuals visiting around winter time too. Additionally, the bar is spoiled for choice with a wide variety of wines, cocktails, and food menus for you to choose from, thus making it one of the most fascinating, yet breathtaking rooftop bar.

  1. Gallow Green

Gallow Green bar is positioned on McKitrick Hotel. The bar is nature styled and always act as a secret hideaway bar for most famous people. Besides, the rooftop bar features some overgrown trees and wooden furniture. It is one of the best places to adore some creative cocktails at brunch or at night. Besides, it is one of the quirky bars with a beautiful and serene view of the city. What’s not there to love! Besides, during the warmer months, you can gain the greenery-lined walkways including some musical entertainment with a menu offering pizza and salads. In addition, the open-air is not off limits in the cold the blazing fire pits will warm you up along with specialty cocktails like Jack Daniels and mulled cider.

  1. High Bar

High Bar is one of the best Rooftop restaurant – High Bar New York lounges located on 40th Street. It is located right at the center of Hell’s Kitchen, in Midtown Manhattan. Once at the top of the bar, you will be greeted with a 360-degree view of the NY City skyline.

  1. Henry’s Rooftop Bar

A hidden gem and treasure bar located atop of the Roger Smith Hotel on Lexington Avenue. Henry’s rooftop bar is one of the places you can like lovely and delicacies and drinks. It is a great choice for individuals who do not want to be surrounded by large crowds. In addition, the place is pocket-friendly since their prices are not exaggerated. Walk into Henry’s rooftop bar and enjoy some breathtaking and fascinating scenes.

  1. The Crown

The Crown offers a startling view of the lower Manhattan, including the Freedom Tower of Brooklyn. The bar is located on top of the 50 Bowery hotel in Chinatown. People visiting this bar can wil love some of the delicacy food and cockatiel? Its location with an Asian inspired flair. The beer list in this bar most consists of Asian beers. The Crown bar is a perfect spot for a nightcap after taking a meal in Chinatown.

  1. Ophelia

Based at the landmark Beekman Tower, the 1920s aesthetic gives the bar the flair it deserves. The rooftop bar has a vintage artifacts display on top of the bar. The cocktails served at this bar are very creative and without being pretentious the prices are reasonable. The seating at this place is ample and the services are top notch with an advanced reservations.