Hollywood Celebrities’ Favorite Pizza Toppings

Hollywood celebrities often have specific taste. However, when it comes to food nobody can resist a good slice of pizza. We have gathered some info on what some of the most famous people in the world love to indulge in when they’re off the clock.

Hollywood Demands

Known for their distinct appearance, some actresses oblige to very limiting diets. However, there are a few who disregard Hollywood’s high standards and impossible expectations. They keep looking good while holding a slice of pizza.

New Yorkers and Their Preferences

New York gals Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson love their pizza as much as they love each other. Ilana loves pizza with loads of meat. Unlike her co-star, Ilana likes to experiment with toppings. Abbi, on the other hand, is more traditional and sticks to the classic Italian cheese, tomato, and basil combo.

New York Pizza

NYC is famous for its various pizza places. One of the most popular ones is reminiscent of old Hollywood. George’s is one of those Hollywood restaurants which exude the vintage beauty of past times.

Even today it is used for filming and keeping the Hollywood spirit alive and well. Men in Black, Orange is the New Black, and Shades of Blue all shot at this location.

This is also the home of the famous Astoria pizza. The pizza is served in the former Astor Room and a lot of celebrities rave about it. The restaurant is now known as one of the best spots in NYC.


Experiments Are a Thing

The up and rising star of Hollywood, Jennifer Lawrence, loves pizza with noodles and good old Southern chili. She’s a big pizza lover and isn’t afraid to experiment.

Amy Schumer, one witty and fascinating comedian of today, loves spicy notes on her pizza. Her choice of toppings includes jalapenos and pepperoni.

The Kardashians are a family famous for turning their lives into reality television. On their show, every episode includes a variety of meals and gorging sessions. The sisters, however, mentioned that their favorite pizza is in New York.  They keep it simple though, with the toppings, just pepperoni or a Margherita will do.

Famous athlete LeBron James loves to experiment. He might be the champion of crazy pizza toppings among other things. In one case, he was remembered for putting over 15 toppings on a single pizza. The toppings included a couple of different cheeses, spicy sauce, more than 3 types of meat, and at least 4 different vegetables.


Entertainers such as Miley Cyrus never hesitate to surprise us. However, in the pizza department, she’s pretty traditional. The only experiment she would do is put a bunch of different cheeses as her toppings.

Experts in the Field

Chrissy Teigen is a well-known food enthusiast and is famous for her renowned recipes. The Former supermodel still loves to indulge in guilty pleasures such as pizza. She is a devoted advocate of never having to choose what the perfect time for pizza is. She simply decided that any time is pizza time!