5 Wine and Food Pairings You Must Try

It is a common tradition that the wine you pick should have its origin coincide with that of the dish you are taking. That could be due to, mostly the makers of the wine might have the ingredients relate well with the meal, due to the similarity in the locality. However, in some cases, a dish would go together with wine from a different region of origin. Actually, a combination would be appropriate as much as it fulfills your preferred desires.

Here are some of the food and wine pairings that would leave you mesmerized due to their pleasant savor.

Sauvignon Blanc With Fettuccine Alfredo

New Zealand’s Sauvignon Blanc wine has become so popular in the united states and many other regions around the world. It is liked by many due to its low sugar levels and high acidic levels hence causing a thirst-quenching flavor. Sauvignon Blanc grapes had initially been grown in Merlot, France from where they would gain popularity in New Zealand. You can pair this with Fettuccine Alfredo, a garlic-steeped, creamy, parmesan pasta from Italy and the experience will be absolutely exciting.

Riesling Alongside Shellfish

In earlier times, people have always preferred taking shellfish with white wine. However, you might consider trying a different pair for your raw oysters, suitably dry Riesling or a California sparkling wine. Lobsters may not be compatible with most of the non-white wines, though Chardonnay wine may help supplement the dish with more pleasing flavor. Sauvignon Blanc may also be a perfect match for your shellfish dish as well.

Rosé Wine with Paella

Paella is a Spanish dish that is mainly comprised of rice served with other ingredients that include seafood, vegetables, and spices. It is a very delicious meal and has been popular for the past several years. You can pair the dish with Rosé, a wine from Provence in France, to add flavor to the meal course.

Champagne with A Fried Chicken Sandwich

Any sandwich would go well with a bottle of champagne, be it the Spanish cava or the California champagne. However, a grilled chicken, which may be available in different sizes, would mostly pair perfectly with classic French Champagne. Therefore, get this excellent combination to enhance your eating experience.

Bordeaux With California Burger

One of the most preferred burgers among the many types of them is the California burger. Despite the ordinary routine of having a burger together with Napa wine, you can still opt for a different kind of wine. Get a brand from the Left Bank most preferably Bordeaux. It is mostly fancied due to its high tannin contents hence containing some health benefits. Those two combinations will ultimately provide the yummiest burger meal you would probably ever have.


Therefore, for you to have an enjoyable, delicious meal, you ought to choose the right wine for the right type of dish. Different occasions will determine the nature of the pair you go for; anytime you are choosing a brand of wine you need to be open-minded for you to accommodate changes that may accompany the choice of the meal. You will get surprised by the much difference choosing the right wine may make in adding flavor to your meal.